The Power of Photography

Photography allows people to have a great access to the world. Photography is  you and me and our lives together.

Photography is creating a vision and capturing that moment in time. When we take photos — we empower our

clients to express themselves as an individual. As a couple.  As a story that you are creating for your future.  As someone

with a unique worldview – I want to capture the most beautiful moments to share. Reach out if you would love gorgeous

new photos for your business or life!


About Joe Garfi, Photographer

Joe Garfi was born and raised in the Massachusetts and graduated of Pentucket High School in 2015.  After graduating Joe served in the US Army for three years and gained life skills including hard work, dedication, discipline, motivation, team work, communication, and courage.  His love for photography began in high school where he several photography/video classes.  He currently lives in Groveland, Massachusetts and rediscovered his love for photography when he returned from the army.  In 2018, he founded his business Joe Garfi Photography.  To learn more, contact Joe Garfi Photography at (785) 717-9017 or email or visit